In the meantime, I have some older work on Vimeo, Tumblr, and Flickr.
And here's my LinkedIn and IMDb. I also have an educational bloggy... maketimemove.com.

AVAILABLE FOR FREELANCE: Remote, Los Angeles on-site, or possible NYC, Europe, New Zealand, Australia on-site.


Some client projects I've worked on via studios and agencies:
Nike, Adidas, Sony, Pepsi, Google, IFC, History Channel, National Geographic Channel, Snoop Dogg, Disney–ABC Domestic Television, Panda Express, Virgin, T-Mobile, Adobe, Comcast, Wells Fargo, Line6, Alesis, Kabam, GameTap, Twitter, Seagate, Cisco, Oracle.

Some clients & studios I've worked directly with:
CBS Interactive, Mekanism, EVB, Twitter, Square, Very True Story, L.inc Design, Impact Media Group, 4SP Films, Eveo, MobiTV, Swirl Advertising, Rooftop Comedy, Current TV, TechTV.


I do animation (motion graphics, cel, character, limited 3D), and I do photoreal compositing, and I do design (boards, logos, print), and I do illustration, and I direct the occasional live-action project. And I write run-on sentences apparently. And when I direct, I'm usually my own DP (film or digital). I don't actively seek out DP work, but I'm open to it... and especially open to it if it involves travel or is for a narrative feature. Another important thing about me is that I like to use the word "booya" a lot. Unfortunately.