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In the meantime, I have some older work on Vimeo, Tumblr, and Flickr.
And here's my LinkedIn. I also have an educational bloggy... maketimemove.com.

AVAILABLE FOR FREELANCE: Remote, San Francisco on-site, or possible NYC, Europe, New Zealand, Australia on-site.


Some clients & studios I've worked directly with:
CBS Interactive, Current TV, Mekanism, EVB, L.inc Design, Impact Media Group, Eveo, MobiTV, Rooftop Comedy, TechTV.

Some client projects I've worked on via studios and agencies:
Nike, Adidas, Sony, Pepsi, Google, IFC, History Channel, National Geographic Channel, Snoop Dogg, Buena Vista Television, Panda Express, Virgin, Wells Fargo, Line6, Alesis, Kabam, GameTap, Twitter, Cisco, Oracle.


I do design (boards, print, logos) and I do animation (motion graphics, cel, character, limited 3D, but no Flash), and I do illustration, and I direct the occasional live-action project. And I write run-on sentences apparently. And when I direct, I'm usually my own DP (film or digital). I'm generally not looking to work as DP for other people's projects, but I'm open to it... and especially open to it if it involves travel. Another important thing about me is that I like to use the word "booya" a lot. Unfortunately.